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Ethanolamines are toxic to sea life

A recent study by The Department of Environmental Sciences at the University Venice , in Venice Italy revealed that monoethanolamine, triethanolamine , and diethanolamine(MEA,TEA,and DEA)have the potential to be toxic to sea life depending on the concentrations of exposure. I wonder how this relates to nonammonia haircolors with ethanolamines being dumped down someone’s drain..especially salon … Continue reading


monoethanolamine shown to cause asthma(It’s in nonammonia colors)

The journal of applied toxicology reports a medical study done at Kitasato University School of Medicine on the effects of inhaled monoethanolamine on bronchoconstriction.These results suggest that asthma-like symptoms may result partly from agonistic MEA effects at histamine-H(1) receptors and muscarinic receptors.This means non ammonia colors may aggravate or cause asthma in certain individuals. Just … Continue reading