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More Info on toxic Ingredients

A recent study in Germany indicates that some haircolors still contain toxic arylamines. But apparently all arylamines are not created equal, as some cause cancer and some don’t. The concentration apparently determines whether some are toxic. And some are toxic if they are present.

Some people think if a product has PPD it’s toxic. According to the FDA, PPD is toxic in amounts greater than 6%. In the OLD formula, EcoColors DARKEST color had <.2% PPD. Some people develope allergies to PPD with repeated exposures.
Now EcoColors is free of P-phenylinediamine. This does not mean EcoColors is hypoallergenic. There may still be ingredients that cause allergic reaction. ALWAYS do an allergy test and a strand test before trying any new color on your entire hair, and please have an allergy plan in place with your physician in case you do have an allergic reaction.

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