Toxic Ingredients

Metal exposure in the body from water, food, air and cosmetics

The European Directive was established in 2002. This piece of legislation established a guideline for determining which cosmetics were not allowed to be sold in the EU based on toxic levels of ingredients. This list seems to be updated on occasion adding new chemicals and the quantity of these chemicals allowable in cosmetics, based on scientific studies of exposure and disease.
EcoColors was created with nontoxic in mind. Nontoxic is my passion, beginning with the gestation of my son in the womb in 1990. This journey never really ends as I keep learning more, studying more in an endless quest for what is honest, scientific and most importantly non toxic to my body and the bodies of my family, friends and clients.
When I go to the Beauty Supply to purchase products for my salon, I look at ingredients. This first step in evaluating what I expose my body, and my clients heads to day after day in the salon helps me make my decision.
The next step is trying the product. I usually try it on myself first. A streak here, a color there, my hair has turned into a rainbow of experimental shades and techniques. My body also indicates other subtleties. How do I feel after this color? How does it smell? How well does it work? Does it make me cough? Many of the “new trends” in haircolor brands use monoethanolamine(MEA) or ethanolamine. In the Journal of Toxicology, a recent study suggests this popular chemical additive in haircolor and some detergents causes asthma like symptoms. This common chemical may have an odorless fume, but when I have used a product in the salon containing this, I cough.
We are exposed to chemicals daily, through air, water and food. We can’t live in a bubble, but we can be mindful of when and where we expose our selves, and most importantly, listen to your body. If you are feeling badly, is it something in your environment affecting you, or something you just ate or drank? Perhaps it’s the cosmetic you just slathered on your body, made in a manner that contains toxic or even illegal ingredients. Perhaps you have allergies to an ingredient. Listen and explore this, as allergies aren’t to be taken lightly. If you have itchiness or a reaction to a cosmetic you are using, discontinue use immediately.
There are other exposures to also consider. Certain metals in our air, food soil and water and work spaces are invisible to the naked eye, yet can cause damage to our bodies with repeated exposure.
For example, there is naturally occurring cadmium in air, soil water, fertilizers(end up in plants and soil) and sometimes end up in the sea and also in sea animals. We eat the cadmium containing plants and sea animals, swim in the sea(in the Gulf, the recent oil spill makes me curious whether the oil dispersant chemicals aren’t floating around as well).
Analysis of 194 water supplies in 139 municipalities showed a mean cadmium concentration of 0.008 PPM. The drinking water standard is 0.01 PPM. A more recent study of 939 water systems indicated the cadmium levels of .2% of all systems had an excess of the cadmium standards. Cadmium concentrations can be increased in drinking water if the pipes they travel through are galvanized or polyvinyl chloride . Water containers soldered with a silver cadmium alloy may also pose a risk of contamination.
Since cadmium can be taken in through food as well, the World Health Organization has recommended a maximum dose of a weekly intake of 400-500 ug.
If someone smokes near you and you inhale their smoke, you can be exposed to .4-.4 ug, whereas a person who smokes may be exposed to .1 ug per cigarette.
Chronic exposure results in pulmonary emphysema.
The future isn’t bleak. There have also been studies showing that intracellular glutathione protects against metal toxicity. I am a firm believer of taking nutritional supplements and herbs to support the body. Supplements such as N Acetyl Cysteine, and Chlorella both have shown positive impacts on aiding the healing of bodies that have had metal exposure.

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