Toxic Ingredients

False Advertising and False Marketing Claims

The internet is full of false advertising and false claims. It’s frustrating to see Major companies stoop so low as to make fake medical studies and fake claims against their competitors.

I noticed one such company saying EcoColors contains MEA. This is monoethanolamine. Ecocolors dos not contain this ingredient.

Is there nothing more sacred than having integrity and being honest?

If more businesses used integrity, honesty and good will towards others, the world would be a better place. Children would not be getting sick from the toxic ingredients and by products in our foods, and women would not be getting sick from exposure to the cosmetics they were using.

There is so much misinformation on the internet, that the common uneducated person will not be able to determine what’s truth and what’s not.

Please , in  whatever job you have, whatever business you participate in, please treat others with honesty and respect.

Treat others with the Golden Rule. Help make this world a better place.


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