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More Scientific Proof of Damage of Non Ammonia Permanent Haircolors

A recent scientific study published in the January 2014 Issue of Cosmetic Science Review indicates that monoethanolamine( the “ammonia substitute” in non ammonia permanent hair colors)is 85% MORE DAMAGING than ammonia. The study was measured by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) on the cysteic acid level measurement with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) photomicrographs to visualize cuticle damage, and protein loss. This confirmed oxidative damage but also the damage caused by other damage pathways caused by varying levels of monoethanolamines in hair colorants.Even though nonammonia colors don’t have an apparent odor, ethanolamines are also associated with respiratory distress.
EcoColors does not contain monoethanolamine.
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