Your Shampoo Will Affect Your Hair Health

A recent study in the International Journal of Trichology (Jan 2015) reveals a study proving that alkaline PH in shampoos can cause swelling, friction and cuticle damage. These shampoos make your hair feel really clean because they swell your hair shaft. The swollen cuticle layer is open and more prone to breakage and damage.
Of course, a balanced diet also plays a role in hair health, as well as the hair’s exposure to UV rays from the sun and heat from styling tools.
EcoColors Shampoo is formulated to removed chlorine from the hair and leave the hair shaft in a healthy state.
You can purchase EcoColors Shampoo at

2 thoughts on “Your Shampoo Will Affect Your Hair Health

  1. Ingredients vary in dry shampoos and we aren’t experts on other brands. Please consult the manufacturer of your dry shampoos for more info on their products.

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