Ecocolors-What is it?

EcoColors Haircolor

EcoColors Hair Color is a permanent professional hair color system for hair stylists. A Home Kit is also offered for those who can’t afford a professional application.
It’s the best choice for anyone who is concerned or even physically bothered by other professional salon hair dyes.
EcoColors Hair Color delivers professional results with its gentle and nourishing natural base and will restore your hair to a healthy, shiny natural look!
EcoColors Hair Color has been created by a Master Hair Colorist with more than twenty five years experience in the salon industry. Designed for hair stylists, with non toxic in mind and the addition of the highest quality ingredients such as lecithin, natural antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, nettles, rosemary, flower essence, grapefruit seed extract, EcoColors surpasses it’s competitors in performance and quality with super conditioning hair color for gray coverage or color enhancement that is natural looking and shiny.
EcoColors is a unique permanent hair color system available in 24 different shades with 10, 20, 30 and 40 Volume developers.
You can combine the different shades to create the exact color combination or highlights you desire just like any other professional hair colorant.
EcoColors Haircolor Key Features:
Super conditioning
Produces healthy shine results
Professional strength gray coverage
Create Hi-Lights and Low-Lights
In a gel form for easy application
Silk infused
Natural Preservatives
No additives needed
Contains flax oil, castor oil, organic flower essences.
Vitamin E, vitamin C and natural antioxidants
No mineral oils!
Paraben free!
Gluten free!
Sulfite free!
Ethanolamine free!
Propylene glycol free!

Healing The Planet One Head At A Time

Healing The Planet One Head At A Time

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