Toxic Ingredients

Toxicity Of Ingredients

Haircolor toxicity /Ingredient Facts

Companies claiming to have organic products, or organic ingredients in their products, may be misleading you. What is an organic product? It depends on who you are talking to. Some say “organic” or “organic extract”, it may mean organic chemicals. These are not from nature.
This is EcoColors’ meaning of ORGANIC: ” Ingredients from nature that are pesticide free”.

Look for the following list of chemicals when you are purchasing your next haircolor that may be TOXIC:

The fact that another company is claiming ethanolamine as “organic” is appalling.Ethanolamine is a chemical that may be toxic if left on the skin, and has an odorless toxic fume. What is an odorless toxic fume? It means there is a fume that is not recognizable to your nose, yet the vapors are entering your bloodstream and cause dis-ease in the body. Every time I have used a product in my salon with ethanolamine, I find myself becoming dizzy by the end of the session, even though I never “smelled” an odor. Here is a link to a Material Safety Data Sheet on this ingredient: Another informative site is:

Sodium Metabisulfite:
This is not an organic(pesticide free, coming from the earth) ingredient! Sodium is salt, but it has been chemically altered.This chemical may cause coughing and asthma in sensitive individuals, and is often found as a preservative in wines, and dried fruit. When you are sensitive to this product, you will cough or wheeze.

Nonoxinols(or nonoxynols):
These are endocrine disruptors. This means it may disturb the hormonal balances in your body. These are chemicals and are not ORGANIC. (organic meaning from the earth and pesticide free)

Propylene Glycol: It has been found to provoke skin irritation and sensitization in humans as low as 2% concentration. A Scandinavian research Organization found this chemical to be mutagenic(this means it can cause your DNA to change form and possibly cause cancer)

EDTA(also known as edetic acid or ethalinediamine tetra acetic acid)
Depending on the concentration, this chemical may cause cancer, sensitivities, and toxicity to the brain and nervous system.

Look in the list of ingredients to see where the chemical is placed. If it’s towards the top of the list, there is more of this chemical in the formulation. Ask the manufacturer for ingredient percentages.Though Ecocolors is NOT a purely botanical haircolor, it has mostly natural ingredients and you can be assured EcoColors does not contain toxic amounts of any ingredient.READ THE INGREDIENTS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A PRODUCT. Consult with your physician before using a haircolor if you are pregnant or nursing

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