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Beauty accompanied with Disease: Health risk of sulfites in cosmetic industry Sulfites in cosmetic industry: a friend or a foe? Unravelling the health hazard mystery of sulfites in cosmetic industry

Sulfites represent a group of chemicals [such as sodium and potassium sulfites, bisulfites, metabisulfites and sulphur dioxide (SO2)] and are widely used as a preservative/ additives in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Sulfites react with water and cause release of sulfur dioxide gas, an unpleasant gas that can trigger broncho-constriction and breathing difficulties. Clinical symptoms … Continue reading

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Ethanolamines are toxic to sea life

A recent study by The Department of Environmental Sciences at the University Venice , in Venice Italy revealed that monoethanolamine, triethanolamine , and diethanolamine(MEA,TEA,and DEA)have the potential to be toxic to sea life depending on the concentrations of exposure. I wonder how this relates to nonammonia haircolors with ethanolamines being dumped down someone’s drain..especially salon … Continue reading