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Toxic Ingredients

Metal exposure in the body from water, food, air and cosmetics

The European Directive was established in 2002. This piece of legislation established a guideline for determining which cosmetics were not allowed to be sold in the EU based on toxic levels of ingredients. This list seems to be updated on occasion adding new chemicals and the quantity of these chemicals allowable in cosmetics, based on … Continue reading


monoethanolamine shown to cause asthma(It’s in nonammonia colors)

The journal of applied toxicology reports a medical study done at Kitasato University School of Medicine on the effects of inhaled monoethanolamine on bronchoconstriction.These results suggest that asthma-like symptoms may result partly from agonistic MEA effects at histamine-H(1) receptors and muscarinic receptors.This means non ammonia colors may aggravate or cause asthma in certain individuals. Just … Continue reading